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WHY MOVE TO LISBON - 4 reasons why

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Portugal has become one of the most important European tourist countries and with an amazing quality of life. We have a rich history of discovery and bravery. We have mountains, beaches, cities, historic villages, natural resources with high quality products (like wine, olive or cork).

Diversity is also reflected in people and Portuguese professionals offer excellent conditions, not only to the Portuguese community people but also to foreigners and expats, which makes a perfect combination to attract international projects to the capital of Lisbon.

We are known for attracting people because of our bright blue skies, great food, and excellent opportunities for professionals to develop projects!

Office space in Lisbon
Office space in Lisbon

Lisbon's working hard to support home-grown businesses and attract fledgling entrepreneurs from around the globe. In the Rocket Hub Coworking space in Parque das Nações there are daily visits from people all over the world that share their stories about how easy and smooth the Government made for new businesses to enter the market, or simply to start a new project.

And because Lisbon is a very small capital, the airport is located less than 10km away from the most tourist attractions, and just 2km away from the most important Business Hub of Portugal – Parque das Nações.

Lisbon operates with a subtle mix of formality and spontaneity. Portuguese are very warm and friendly and our English is getting better every day, which makes it really easy for new business friendships. The city is equipped with the infrastructure necessary for a nomadic lifestyle like, fast internet, wide-range of accommodations, and a strong expat community, which means, Lisbon has become a desirable location for many remote workers and travellers, especially for new generation entrepreneurs that are starting their business in Portugal, even if remotely.

Remote working
Home office

In Lisbon, we find the most diverse work areas perfectly competent to welcome new workers from all over the world. It’s easy to find offices or coworking spaces that can provide major opportunities to experiment, learn and develop. One of the best characteristics of Lisbon's offices or coworking spaces is the collaborative environment and amazing amenities provided. Working in a cowork community is a great experience and you can have constant feedback that supports your career progress.

Many of the largest Portuguese corporations have their headquarters in Lisbon, this means, there are plenty of opportunities for young people beginning their careers. For anyone involved in Portuguese mass media, working in Lisbon is an important career step: the nation’s TV stations, major newspapers, and all other forms of media are represented widely across the city.

In the IT sector the country educates the best programmers and computer engineers, and this is reflected in the exponential grow of international IT services Portugal is providing to companies from all over the world.

Not yet convinced?

Here’s four more reasons on why move to Lisbon:

1. The quality of life

Portugal has the best quality of life worldwide for expats. Quality of life in this instance is measured by safety and security, well-being, personal happiness, alongside travel and transport. Lisbon is a city where you feel safe wandering around day or night which is good because the central areas of Lisbon are best navigated by foot, allowing people to enjoy the grand architecture and pleasant climate, while the public transportation system offers easy access to the rest of the city. It has also the best beaches located less than 35km from the capital which the weather always calls for.

2. Health and Well-Being

Portugal's climate is excellent and Lisbon is one of the warmest capital cities in Europe. It has a Subtropical-Mediterranean climate, which means that in winter temperatures are mild and in summer hot. It is one of the biggest influencer in people's well-being, because it allows the practice of various activities on the street and in contact with nature. Also, Portugal’s public healthcare system has an excellent reputation from expats.

3. Cost of living

The cost of living is Lisbon is relatively low compared to other destinations in Europe. Expats will pay less for almost all basics including accommodation, food, transport and utilities. While the capital is more expensive than the rest of Portugal – Lisbon is still one of the most affordable cities in Europe.

Flexible living and flexible working spaces are now a trend in Lisbon and Porto. The co-living lifestyle is now trendy with many options in both cities.

4. Work Environment and remote working

Work environment in Lisbon has found a new wave in the last 2 years. Big consultancy companies are embracing the importance of balance in working hours and remote working hours are being more often used.

Companies are giving their members more flexibility to design their days in balance with professional and personal life because they understand that productivity can be achieved more efficiently if employees are happier.

Shared spaces and coworking communities understand the importance of flexibility, and places like Rocket Hub can help you give your steps into the beautiful Lisboa.

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