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Rocket Hub accepts cryptocurrencies payments

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The year started hot with new all time highs and Bitcoin and Ethereum have indeed proven resilient.

Both retail and instituitional investors have proven a rising interest in digital currencies and adoption is noticible throughout the spectrum: Visa announced it will be working directly with banks to provide crypto digital payments. Ray Dalio published a positive opinion on Bitcoin and its' value. Microstrategy (MSTR) has been one of the main companies traded in the Nasdaq and big on headlines about its' BTC holdings. And Elon Musk is pumping Dogecoin like there's no tomorrow - and actually buying $1.5b bitcoin.

In Portugal

Cryptocurrencies in Portugal do not have a legal tender and therefore are not classified as currencies. This provides both opportunities and challenges.

Companies have full responsability in their transactions and cannot legally dispute if any situation occurs. And in terms of personal income, gains from crypto trading are also tax-free.

For our members

Residents of our coworking space have now the option to settle payments is any preferred method. YES! Rocket Hub accepts digital crypto payments in BTC, ETH and BCH.

Furthermore, we encourange and educate our members to diversify their exposure in the financial markets and consider to allocate between 5% to 10% of their reserves in Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow around the world and we are happy to be one the first companies in Portugal to take the first steps towards a more digital world.

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