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You might have heard this term around “Virtual Office”, but what does it mean?

A Virtual Office is a flexible workspace option for companies who don’t require a physical workspace. If you don't need physical space you should considered Virtual Office. It functions as a legal address and headquarters for a company. Nowadays, everything is going digital and much easier to work independently, this is why, virtual office is becoming more and more acquired by entrepreneurs and others independent workers, for example, lawyers. Present the world with a prestigious address and give your business a truly professional image without the cost of rent a physical office.

The most simplified definition of a virtual office is paying a small monthly fee to a building or company to have your business address be listed as that building’s address.

Rocket HUB offers a virtual office service, therefore we can support you every step of the way, from company registration and arrangement of business permits to setting up your tax payments. Our professional team can manage your business mail and book you meeting rooms for you and your clients or partners. For example, if you were to have a virtual office with us, in Rocket HUB Parque das Nações, all of your business cards, your website and any other promotional material would be our address as your legal address. You don't have a permanent office here, but you’ll be able to let your clients and potencial clients know that you are headquartered in the most prestigious part of Lisbon, Parque das Nações.

We have several customers who use our virtual address service. Through their experiences and feedback, we have reunited a few reasons why Virtual Office can be a major part on your business success:

Meetings with clients and Partners

Client meetings are often a necessity, but as if your work becomes increasingly mobile, like lawyers for example, you may not be in the same geographic area as your clients or partners. If a legal professional typically works from a bit faraway form the city center and they have a case coming to trial, sometimes it's imprtant to utilize meeting rooms space in the city closer to your client and in a professional work space.

Meeting rooms are fully flexible because you only have to rent what you need. Meeting with clients in a room through the Virtual Address service has several advantages, like added space to added amenities to a more convenient location for the despondent or other parties.

You establish a professional corporate image with no costs

There is no need for you to buy or lease an actual office to achieve a corporate feel.

Instead of having your own office, a dedicated business line, that can be too costly for start-ups and small businesses, you can choose business virtual office service. With this service you can have the components of a serious business, including a dedicated physical address, a business mailing address and access to meeting rooms or sporadic work spaces. It gives the possibility of develop a professional corporate image with low operating costs.

Coworking facilities save companies a lot of money on overhead costs. From electricity and cleaning to print service and phone booths, coworking has been proven as a true economic option for small and new businesses, like ours cowork space, Rocket HUB. But, for example, if you won’t need to utilize a standard coworking membership for now, you will still be part of a cowork community by using Virtual Office. Once you become a Virtual office Member in our cowork, you have access to our coworking space, like our meeting rooms or offices. You become a part of a community and are instantly connected to forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

For starters, Virtual Office it’s affordable and a perfect solution.

First Impression

First impression are really important for you and your business. There have been tons of studies that tell us, “you have less than 30 seconds to set a good impression”. On the first looks, if your business seems unprofessional, hardly anything will help you. For this reason, showing your clients that you are legit is pretty easy with a Virtual Office service.

Rocket HUB has some lawyers members and other individual workers that can provide a sense of professional and reliable vibe to their clients and partners only through the virtual office service. And utilizing one of the clean, private and professional rooms available on our space will help you win people's trust.

Your office goes with you

You can work from your home, or your car, or in public transports or wherever you have to, because Virtual Office will supplement your business adventures with a firm with a sedentary headquarters. And you may have your business and work at home, but your address will be different.

The most import advantage of virtual office service -

Saving money! Many legal or independent professionals can't spend the majority of their time working on the same place, everyday. So it often doesn’t make fiscal sense to have a physical space available at all times. Utilizing virtual office solutions can offer remarkable cost savings, and where you only need to pay for what you use.

A Virtual Office gives your company the professional presentation it needs, gives you the freedom to still explore and work anywhere you need to, all while saving you money. So, our question is: What are you waiting for?

- Visit our website to find out more about our sevice and book a tour with us: https://www.rockethub.pt/book-tour

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