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What Do You Need to Get Started as a Freelancer?

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Freelancer coworking

Once you have decided on the skills or products you will offer as a freelancer, it’s always good to put some thoughts on:

- A business plan, because you need a plan that outlines what service you'll provide and marketing strategies.

- A website that tells about your services, and includes a portfolio of your work.

- A Linkedin profile, because all social media can be a great resource to network for freelance work and LinkedIn is an online resume located in a place where professionals connect.

- A dedicated business phone on which prospects can reach you.

- A business card, or think about the environment and try this virtual business card app: Haystack

- A menu of services and your freelance rates!

Even if you are a freelancer and work independently you will still need a place to work. And if you don't think your home is an adequate place for your business, we have a suggestion for you: Coworking Communities are beginning to be the favourite work place for start-ups, new entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Coworking is a shared work space, with some services that can be very useful to start your own business: internet connection, printing services, an address to officially register your company, meeting rooms or even phone booths for your conference and skype calls.

Managing aloneness can be one of the biggest problem that a freelancer will face. Going independent brings freedom and autonomy, it also means working alone. Sometimes having colleagues to bounce ideas off or to help with work difficulties is essential.

That’s why once you choose to work in a coworking space you will not only have the opportunity to have a daily coffee with inspiring people that surround you but also be part of a thriving community of creative minds that share their experiences in regular meet-ups or even be able to present your ideas in Business Pitches.

Team meetings in flexible coworking spaces

Being a freelancer means you have to create a strong and trustful new brand. Many independent workers struggled with communicating their potential and value to clients, because they don't have a known brand. Working on your own means that you'll have to task with developing, sustaining, and communicating your professional identity, by yourself. That’s when coworking means co-everything. So when facing the challenges of marketing your service as a Freelancer, being part of a Cowork Community can help you increase your potential clients or even help you with funding opportunities.

If you think you have what it takes to become a freelancer, here are 5 points that you need to considerer and start working on right now:

1. Contact everyone you have ever known

2. Start working on your personal brand

3. Write a plan of action

4. Do some research and pay attention to your competition

5. Find a mentor and land a real clien

Here at the Rocket HUB we can help you to give your first steps into your new professional life!

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